Presentation Management

Last minute updates should not confuse the A/V team. We made the technology that insures they don't!

Have you ever heard the presenter say to an audience of 2400 attendees, "This is not the correct version of my slides!" We have and we have heard from our clients that it happens all too often. So we did something about it and we call it ASI Sync.

Media Kiosks for your meeting or event
Presentation Mangement Detail

Everyone is in Sync!

Our software gives all of our techs on show site and abroad the ability to monitor, update and note the event schedule and presentation files at will. If a presenter updates their presentation in the Speaker Ready Room or in their hotel room or even on the plane on the way to the event, our techs are notified immediately so that they can download the new file from our cloud server to the presentation machines. Communication is key in a fast paced meeting or event and we have the tools to keep that communication flowing.

Presentation Mangement Guest Access

Guest Access for Coordinators

We offer guest access to our ASI Sync system so that you can view the current status of presenter files and scheduling.