Meeting & Event Planning

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned coordinator or if this is your first gig. We are here to help. Rely on our many years of experience with not only the best A/V practices for your meeting but also with the properties, logistics, what needs and does not need to be a concern and when, CAD drawings, Union concerns, and more. We've been around the block several times and are ready to share our expertise.

Meeting & Event Planning
Meeting property site inspection

Site Selection & Inspection

Did we mention how many properties we have worked? From Boston to San Diego and just about everywhere in between we have seen the best and the worst. You can tap into our vast knowledge of just about any state to know what works and what doesn't for your event and meeting.

When you do pick your perfect place we will be there every step of the way to help you plan through it. Count on us to be there for any questions and to back you up at the site inspection pre-show.

Room layout and CAD for meeting space

Room Layout & CAD

We offer full CAD services for your event or meeting. The drawings we produce are top notch and extremely detailed. They are available for most meeting sizes and provided in PDF format that is ready for sharing or for print.

Meeting & Event Logistics


How do we get the lighting trusses in place without going over budget on pick points? What about Entrance banners that do not break property rules on hanging equipment? Can we split the General Session into three breakouts for one day?

We have answers to your meeting & event logistics!

Event Labor Union

Union Concerns

Across this great land are many properties that have Union contracts for labor. When you know you need the best on your team and that best is us, we will help you navigate the unionized waters to insure the best labor and an on budget bill.